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MMD TDA The Legend Of Zelda Linkle model by Kira-goddess MMD TDA The Legend Of Zelda Linkle model by Kira-goddess
So I saw that Nintendo had a female Link character in there Hyrule Warriors Game for the 3DS and I really loved her design so I decided to make a MMD model of her. She actually took me quit a while to make because the original base kept crashing mmd on me so I chose TDA to use because I'm more familiar with editing it. Anyways she has no physics and I'm not good with making them or using the skirt plugin on PMX so I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with that because I really want to give her out as a nice model. I think she turned out pretty good and she's missing a couple details so I might try to add the parts later if I'm not to lazy

Edit You can now download her here…

The model is based off this picture…

Now time for credits 

base by Tda and HarukaSakurai

face by Angelica-Lime

Elf ears by TheMikuDancer

Eye texture by Am-Jordan

hair by 2234083174 its the viola one

hair ties by CSM19PIKACHU

Poncho By Jjinomu

Green and white shirts by SuminoChan

Skirt by Animasa and TheMikuDancer

the shorts and gloves are just a retexture

boots by Montekoa and Riveda1972

choker by Aia-Aria

Gem and hair texture by Tehrainbowllama

Clothing, face and body textures By Me Original face and body by TDA

Map Texture found on google it's a map of Hyrule

Compass by mbarnesMMD

Chain by chfgwuzhere

Nintendo owns the character I only wanted to make her into a model.
ask-minishsilverette Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2015
Very cute
Kira-goddess Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2015
Thank you I'm glad you think so ^w^
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November 24, 2015
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